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I’m Lesley-Marie, in the summer of 2018 I introduced Beauty Galore Artificial Flowers. Inspired by the beautiful and picturesque landscape of North Yorkshire. This admiration for beautiful things has influenced a strong interest for artificial flowers.

Silk artificial flowers are a great way to add instant beauty to your home as an alternative to fresh flowers. They will allow you to save time and effort of maintaining and replacing real flowers.

Beauty Galore is giving you beautiful all year blooms and displays of colour that perfectly complement your furniture and room décor. At Beauty Galore our flowers look so lifelike you would think they had just been “picked from the garden”. 

Each flower gives a realistic appearance in various colour choices.

My products are sourced from around the world and are of high-quality materials with a wide range of stylish silk flower heads.

I believe that selecting only the most realistic artificial flowers can be as unique as the real thing.

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Benefits of Artificial Flowers

  • Artificial flowers are low maintenance.

  • They are perfect for those who love flowers but have allergies.

  • Longer lasting than fresh flowers.

  • You can have your favourite flower all year round, not just when they are in season.

  • They provide cost-saving over time.

Create your own stylish display

At Beauty Galore, we sell individual Stems, Bouquets, Garlands, and Centrepieces.

My focus

Private customer, Event Planners, Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Offices, Estate Agents, Shop Display and Merchandising.

Please contact me with your requirements.

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